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Faith-Based Programs

Virtual Schools of Excellence provides a wide-range of opportunities for students with a multitude of courses, online activities, live collaboration sessions, labs, projects and much more focused on their area of interest, such as our Career and Technical program,  faith-based programs, world language programs and more. In addition to completing their online assignments and activities, students are highly encouraged to collaborate with their teachers and peers through synchronous interactive sessions. We expect our students to be community leaders, exemplifying the best that young people can be! All students are invited to participate in Leadership and Internship or Service activities and to take on community-based leadership roles.

Our Faith-Based Programs:


    The Catholic virtual program provides college preparatory and career readiness curriculum for all students. Our Catholic Religious Education classes follow the standards and guidelines set by the United States Bishops.


    In 2015, Episcopal Virtual launched to provide new options for education to reach students anytime and anyplace. We offer the high standards of Episcopal school education in an online program.


    The Christian Virtual School of Excellence launched to provide new options for education to reach students anytime and anyplace.  We offer the high standards of a Christian school education in an online program and all course are taught by teachers who are committed to the Christian belief values.


    The Excellence Academy provides an innovative approach to student learning. The Academy offers world-class learning opportunities in all relevant academic core, science, mathematics, and technology.