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Our Success

AdvancED Evaluation Team Scores Virtual Schools of Excellence above the AdvancED Network (Over 32,000 Institutions World-Wide) Average in 32 out of 35 Indicators

The institution maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

The institution's curriculum, instructional design and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.

The institution implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and institution effectiveness and uses the results to guide continuous improvement.

The institution operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and institution effectiveness.

The institution has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students.

AdvancED Evaluation

VSOE Support Reviews

100% of our parents  and students praised the helpfulness of our technology support team. Our students and families appreciate the fast-response time, the dedication and knowledge of our technology support staff and report a high level of satisfaction with their work.

Parent Satisfaction

Virtual Schools of Excellence collects regular data from survey to make sure our parents agree that their children are satisfied with our virtual program and are pleased with their student’s academic growth.

Student Satisfaction