School Partnership Opportunities

School Partnerships

Partnering with schools who have a similar mission and vision is so important. Member schools pay a low annual fee and receive the following benefits:

  • Work with an Accredited Independent Private Partner Online School, not just a curriculum provider or corporation. Your mission is our mission!
  • Our team of educators and administrators hold advanced degrees, have hundreds of years combined service in education, and know what it takes to meet the unique needs of your students.
  • Discounted prices for virtual class enrollments (Extend your course offerings, provide for students who are off campus, build your own virtual environment, expand your onsite digital curriculum, and more.)
  • Give your teachers an opportunity to join the Online Teacher Team to improve skills, share experiences, and increase income.
  • Access to live and recorded webinars (Administrators, teachers and staff can participate in online training and complete follow up activities for in-service credit.)

VSOE offers two school partnership opportunities, contact us to request more information. Further information is provided below.

Partner With a World-Class Digital Provider

A Virtual Schools of Excellence partnership includes all the technology your school needs to support online learning and teaching at your school. Our technology includes two main components: the Learning Management System (LMS) and the Student Information System (SIS). Students log into the LMS to interact with their online courses, professional online teachers, and fellow students. School administrators log into the SIS to request course enrollments, drop course enrollments, communicate with online instructors, and view student grades

School Partnership

  • Shared platform with access to student data

  • Use our instructors to facilitate courses

  • Full catalog of online world-class curriculum (faith-based components available)

White Label Service

  • Customizable platform integrates with your operations

  • Custom designed website

  • Use your school’s branding

  • Unique school login portal and URL

  • Generate additional revenue by setting retail prices for courses

Our Virtual School Programs

Virtual Schools of Excellence provides a wide-range of opportunities for students with a multitude of courses, online activities, live collaboration sessions, labs, projects and much more focused on their area of interest, such as our Career and Technical program,  faith-based programs, world language programs and more. In addition to completing their online assignments and activities, students are highly encouraged to collaborate with their teachers and peers through synchronous interactive sessions. We expect our students to be community leaders, exemplifying the best that young people can be! All students are invited to participate in Leadership and Internship or Service activities and to take on community-based leadership roles.

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Our technology and course partners

The Moodle LMS

Virtual Schools of Excellence partners with industry leaders for online content delivery. The Moodle LMS is intuitive and user-friendly, but also packed with helpful guides, training, and orientation within every course. The learning environment facilitates learning and teaching through a rich set of online tools, such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • Assignment dropboxes
  • Self-scoring online assessments
  • Surveys
  • Blogs, wikis, and games

The Maestro SIS

The Maestro SIS provides schools and families with a wide range of administrative tools to monitor student progress and performance. A partner school can register new students and request courses, and in within days students can start learning online. Maestro is equipped with:

  • New student creation templates
  • Simple and intuitive course request forms
  • Progress reports
  • On demand grade reports
  • Teacher-to-student communication history

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