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Email: info@myvsoe.com

Full-Time Virtual Student K-12

Full time students take a minimum of 6 courses (6.0 credits) per year in the areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, World Languages and Electives. Our Student Success Specialists work with you to select classes based on your Individual Plan of Study. This full-time program includes online support services, live teaching, tutoring, and more.


Full-Time On Campus Tuition

Full-time students who are in Florida may choose to attend the Fort Pierce Excellence Academy, a Learning Center Model School dedicated to delivering a blended learning model for students taking online classes and face to face instructional services, tutoring, guidance, therapies, internships, college classes through dual enrolled programs, and more.


US Pathways International Program

International students who wish to earn a US High School Diploma may take high school level classes over a period of one to three years simultaneously with their home country school programs or they may enroll full-time with VSOE. This program provides a top tier level of service and includes college preparation and guidance, assistance with college applications, and more.


Part-Time Enrollment

Students may enroll in one or more classes as part of their home school program, as part of a partner school curriculum, or to supplement their current school course work with Test prep, AP, Credit REcovery or Summer School options.


Registration Fees

All students pay an annual registration fee.

$75.00 (Full-Time) $25.00 (Part-Time)

Additional Services

There are additional services such as Testing Services, International Transcript Evaluation Services, Exceptional Student Education Services, Home School Curriculum, Teacher Training, Industry Exam Preparation Courses & More available. Please call for information.

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